Request for Public Records Follow-Up

Many of you have asked about the response to my request for public records surrounding the incarceration expansion planned for the former Wilson Middle School.  Below is an email I sent today due to a lack of access to the requested public records.  I have received email responses prior to this email, but no access to the requested public records has yet been granted.

Dear Mr. Brooke,

According to IC 5-14-3-3, I must be provided access to inspect and copy the list of requested public records within a reasonable time if requested during regular business hours.  It has now been nineteen business days since my request, with a county council meeting tomorrow.  At this point, I am interpreting my lack of access to view these requested records as a lack of compliance with the Indiana Code and will proceed accordingly unless access is granted before the close of business today.  I have copied Ms. Melanie Marshall, the County Recorder, on this email in case she can be of more assistance and more responsive than the previously addressed group of elected officials.  Below is a copy of the list I originally requested on June 26th, for everyone’s convenience:
  • A copy of the RFP for the jail project cited in the June 26th county council meeting
  • A copy of the packet of statistics provided by the sheriff’s department referenced in the June 26th county council meeting
  • A copy of the resolution passed by the county commissioners at the June 25th county commissioner hearing
  • A copy of documentation of the RFP for the new jail project being posted publicly for at least thirty days and a copy of the three or more companies approached when only one bid was received to ensure public bidding law was followed
  • A copy of the petition in support of the jail project referenced in the June 26th county council meeting
  • The date, time, location, and agenda for the county council meeting at which this use of funds will be reviewed for final approval by the council
  • Agendas and minutes from both the June 25th county commissioner hearing and the June 26th county council meeting
  • Any other public information available to me surrounding the facts, figures, and processes of the jail project decision

One response to “Request for Public Records Follow-Up”

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