About Me

Leslie Draper is the Founder and Executive Director of Inspire Academy, where Leslie leads staff and students to become self-accountable learners and achievers, through projects, presentations, and products that further the cause of creating a more just society for all.

Leslie Draper has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and has been accepted into the PhD program for Education Administration at Indiana State University.  Ms. Draper’s research interests include tracing the history of standardized testing to its eugenic roots and unearthing potential bias in modern testing mechanism as a result of this history.  Ms. Draper is also a certified trainer in Crisis Prevent and Intervention and a certified Trauma and Crisis Management Specialist, and serves on the leadership board of the Indiana Consortium of Charter School Leaders, among other distinctions in the field of education.

Leslie Draper is well known for inspiring those around her to achieve high standards and join in unified work toward a common mission.  She is a community developer in Muncie, Indiana, and she believes that working in the field of education is an important piece of the work of community development. 

Areas in which I’m strongest:

  • Transforming Dreams and Visions into Real-Life Actions and Systems with Results
  • Contagious Passion and Energy
  • Efficiency and Time Management
  • Helping Others Develop an Insatiable Appetite for Personal Growth
  • Community Organizing and Political Activism
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