About Me

You’ve never met anyone like me!  I’ll do my best to describe myself here, but the reality is that the Leslie Draper dynamic is much better understood experientially.  I am a transformational leader, and my hope is that once you interact with me for any length of time, you will never view the world the same again.

I’m a community developer and an educator.  I am a Christian, but not the type that thinks the values of Trump and Jesus are at all compatible.  I am a split-ticket voter with no party loyalty; various issues demand various approaches, in my opinion.  I am a mom with fibromyalgia.  I have two brilliant boys (one with an ASD and one who conquered demonstrating intelligence in standardized formats effortlessly).  I also have an amazing husband (with clinical OCD…picture a few steps shy of being Monk) who has empowered and inspired me to step up into my executive leadership capabilities.  I am also a thinker, a reader, a speaker, and a musician.

Big roles for which I’m known:

Areas in which I’m strongest:

  • Transforming Dreams and Visions into Real-Life Actions and Systems with Results
  • Contagious Passion and Energy
  • Efficiency and Time Management
  • Helping Others Develop an Insatiable Appetite for Personal Growth
  • Community Organizing and Political Activism
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