Below is a list of beaches where you can walk in the sand or take a dip in the water. Please be sure to check for weather alerts, as strong rip tide current warnings are common, during which swimming is not advised. Para espanol, haz clic AQUI

Playa Capitolio

This small beach is a 5 minute walk from the condo. Turn right out of the apartment and cross Norzagaray St. and head down the hill. Follow the sidewalk until you see the capitol building across the street to the south and a little overlook to the ocean on your left to the north. Go into the little overlook, and there are stairs on the east side that will take you to a will hidden Playa Capitolio. This beach is best for walking, but there is a small sandy section for sitting and a nice outer ring of boulders to protect a small swimming area from the full impact of large waves and strong currents. That being said, there is no lifeguard, so swim at your own risk.

Condado Beach

A short Uber ride or long walk (just under 3 miles), Condado Beach is larger than Playa Capitolio and is well known for its beautiful sand and crystal clear water. This beach is surrounded by resorts and restaurants and has about anything a tourist could want if you’re into the typical beach scene.

There are several others beaches in Puerto Rico that are worth exploring if you have time to travel a bit more, but these are your best, closest options.

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