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Leading Community Development and Education

The funny thing about developing a community is that it throws a wrench in the whole “work life balance” conversation.  My job is literally to facilitate the development and growth of a community, at Inspire Academy specifically, a community that grows and learns together. … Continue Reading “Leading Community Development and Education”

Assessment and Joy

These two words don’t go together…just ask anyone who works in education. So how do we bring them together?  Outcomes. What…outcomes? Aren’t those assessments?  Maybe, but let’s dig a little deeper. I’ve spent hours recently aligning State Standards (things the State determines every child… Continue Reading “Assessment and Joy”

2020 and Clear Vision

A lot of people are talking about 2020 as the year of clear vision, and I like it.  I want to see clearly this year.  Easier said than done.  Am I the only one who can hear the voice of my biggest critic louder… Continue Reading “2020 and Clear Vision”

First Annual State of the School Address

Madame Interim School Leader, Honored Board Members, Faculty, and Staff: Inspire Academy is a place of belonging, a place where we unite around a shared mission and work to ensure all students are empowered to achieve more than they dream possible. We are now… Continue Reading “First Annual State of the School Address”

Sabbath is Completion

Some people say that the number seven is the number of completion.  Today I am enjoying the feeling of being done.  It’s been a busy few weeks of preparations for Inspire Academy’s Giving Gala and our float in the BSU homecoming parade.  When I… Continue Reading “Sabbath is Completion”

Room to Grow: Allowing Children to Become Experts

We spent some time at the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture recently. I am always amazed and inspired by experts in any field who endlessly dive deeply into a subject, with love, passion, and purpose, unveiling important discoveries and sharing perspective-changing experiences. Today… Continue Reading “Room to Grow: Allowing Children to Become Experts”