2020 and Clear Vision

A lot of people are talking about 2020 as the year of clear vision, and I like it.  I want to see clearly this year.  Easier said than done.  Am I the only one who can hear the voice of my biggest critic louder than my supporters? Seriously, there could be 10 people telling meContinue reading “2020 and Clear Vision”

On a Consistent Ethic of Valuing Life

One friend described me saying, “Leslie’s a pacifist, but she’s a fighter.”  I kind of like that description!  When people hear the term pacifist, they often think of passivity, but the reality is that I am far from passive, and my journey into pacifism is a result of this. As a Christian, I believe itContinue reading “On a Consistent Ethic of Valuing Life”

A Non-White, Asylum-Seeking Jesus

I wrote two blog entries on the experience of visiting the migrant caravan, the other of which can be accessed by clicking here.  This piece is more of a spiritual reflection; the other is an informative call to action. After a long journey, I met with a group of concerned citizens (primarily people of faith,Continue reading “A Non-White, Asylum-Seeking Jesus”