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Why I Still Have Hope for America

I spent some time in Great Britain while my husband was working on his PhD at the University of Aberdeen in 2012.  During this time, we were a few years into the Obama presidency in the United States.  Electing our first Black president had… Continue Reading “Why I Still Have Hope for America”

What you can do tomorrow to interrupt racial injustice!

Many of you are wondering what you can do to support racial equality in this moment, and I have just the thing for you!  Tomorrow is voting day in Delaware County, and not only do you have the opportunity to vote, you have the… Continue Reading “What you can do tomorrow to interrupt racial injustice!”

Doing hard things together

I’m a sucker for stories of people doing hard things together for outcomes that enhance the lives of others, especially when they involves kids!  During today’s update from Governor Holcomb and his team, I was inspired, and here’s why: The press conference update included… Continue Reading “Doing hard things together”

How We Toured the West in 6 Weeks!

We get a lot of questions about our skoolie adventures, and many people express something to the tune of, “We’ve always thought about doing that!”  Below you can see where we went, when, and approximate drive times for each leg of the journey.   While… Continue Reading “How We Toured the West in 6 Weeks!”

Achieving Dreams

Have you ever owned a bus?