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Why I Still Have Hope for America

I spent some time in Great Britain while my husband was working on his PhD at the University of Aberdeen in 2012.  During this time, we were a few years into the Obama presidency in the United States.  Electing our first Black president had… Continue Reading “Why I Still Have Hope for America”

Doing hard things together

I’m a sucker for stories of people doing hard things together for outcomes that enhance the lives of others, especially when they involves kids!  During today’s update from Governor Holcomb and his team, I was inspired, and here’s why: The press conference update included… Continue Reading “Doing hard things together”

Leading Community Development and Education

The funny thing about developing a community is that it throws a wrench in the whole “work life balance” conversation.  My job is literally to facilitate the development and growth of a community, at Inspire Academy specifically, a community that grows and learns together. … Continue Reading “Leading Community Development and Education”

Human Trafficking Exposure

Below is an abridged version of a letter I sent to the Hilton Corporation, as well as other organizations that would have authority to take action, after being exposed to what appeared to be human trafficking in a Hilton hotel.  I have removed identifying… Continue Reading “Human Trafficking Exposure”

2020 and Clear Vision

A lot of people are talking about 2020 as the year of clear vision, and I like it.  I want to see clearly this year.  Easier said than done.  Am I the only one who can hear the voice of my biggest critic louder… Continue Reading “2020 and Clear Vision”

On a Consistent Ethic of Valuing Life

One friend described me saying, “Leslie’s a pacifist, but she’s a fighter.”  I kind of like that description!  When people hear the term pacifist, they often think of passivity, but the reality is that I am far from passive, and my journey into pacifism… Continue Reading “On a Consistent Ethic of Valuing Life”

I, Too, Have Put My Life on the Line for This Country

I often feel like people say they served to protect our country as a way to stop voices of dissent, and dare I say, revolution.  This gravely concerns me because I believe that one of America’s most important freedoms that we need to protect… Continue Reading “I, Too, Have Put My Life on the Line for This Country”

I Found My Categorical Placement!

My entire life, I have felt like I don’t quite fit into the categories people create to define each other. In truth, this has brought me a lot of pride, to be indefinable, and a lot of frustration, as people just never quite “get”… Continue Reading “I Found My Categorical Placement!”


I’ve been mulling this subject around in my brain from many different angles. A forest of tall, strong trees has a complicated system of roots on the forest floor, like the ones pictured above. They’re beautiful, really, in their own way, but one could… Continue Reading “Roots”