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I Found My Categorical Placement!

My entire life, I have felt like I don’t quite fit into the categories people create to define each other. In truth, this has brought me a lot of pride, to be indefinable, and a lot of frustration, as people just never quite “get”… Continue Reading “I Found My Categorical Placement!”

Mid-Year Reflection

You might wonder why I label this mid-year reflection as we ring in the New Year.  For those of you are new to my blog or who have only popped in for some of my social activism and advocacy updates, during 2018, God told… Continue Reading “Mid-Year Reflection”

Sabbath is Flexibility

I am realizing that one of the gifts of Sabbath is the space to be flexible. When spending some time with my sister and her husband recently, it came up in conversation that both my husband and my sister’s husband had “always wanted” to… Continue Reading “Sabbath is Flexibility”

Sabbath is Pruning

I spent a couple hours pruning trees and bushes on our property recently (contrary to true agrarian sabbath practice).  I had forgotten how much God speaks to me through gardening and how much this type of work renews my mind and spirit. Pruning is… Continue Reading “Sabbath is Pruning”

Sabbath Year: First Quarter Reflections

Like most spiritual practices, Sabbath has subjective elements to it and is interpreted differently by different people.  A few weeks ago, someone told me that my current schedule isn’t really a sabbath – that it’s normal, a manageable schedule.  You see, when I’m home… Continue Reading “Sabbath Year: First Quarter Reflections”

Weeks 6 – 8 of This Sabbath Year

As I look back on the last few weeks, I can’t believe how little time has passed.  It’s fascinating how a few weeks can feel worlds apart from one another. Week six of this Sabbath year, the first full week of August, was a… Continue Reading “Weeks 6 – 8 of This Sabbath Year”

Wrestling with Rest (Weeks 3 – 5)

The third week of July was a travel week. We stayed a few nights at Kenisee Grand River Campground to take a break from driving and enjoy a few more days on the road. It was a very large campsite and much quieter than… Continue Reading “Wrestling with Rest (Weeks 3 – 5)”