I Found My Categorical Placement!

My entire life, I have felt like I don’t quite fit into the categories people create to define each other. In truth, this has brought me a lot of pride, to be indefinable, and a lot of frustration, as people just never quite “get” me. As I was exercising on my bike this morning…that isContinue reading “I Found My Categorical Placement!”

Sabbath Year: First Quarter Reflections

Like most spiritual practices, Sabbath has subjective elements to it and is interpreted differently by different people.  A few weeks ago, someone told me that my current schedule isn’t really a sabbath – that it’s normal, a manageable schedule.  You see, when I’m home in Muncie, my schedule looks like this.  I get up atContinue reading “Sabbath Year: First Quarter Reflections”

Weeks 6 – 8 of This Sabbath Year

As I look back on the last few weeks, I can’t believe how little time has passed.  It’s fascinating how a few weeks can feel worlds apart from one another. Week six of this Sabbath year, the first full week of August, was a week of transition, split between Lake Erie and Muncie. It includedContinue reading “Weeks 6 – 8 of This Sabbath Year”