Historical Sites

As the gateway to South America, Puerto Rico has a rich history with multiple contenders. Visiting the sights below is a great way intro to Puerto Rico’s history. Para espanol, haz clic AQUI

Castillo San Cristobal

The fortification just across the street from you is San Cristobal (Saint Christopher). It’s the largest Spanish fort built in the Americas. It is open to visitors most days from 9:30am – 4:30pm and costs $10 to get in. If you are someone who likes to read all the historical information, you will want to plan to spend at least 90 minutes there. If you just want to look around and enjoy the view, you can do it in 30-45 minutes.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

The fortification at the west end of VSJ is called El Morro and it guards the entrance to the bay. It has the same hours and same cost as San Cristobal. As a matter of fact, the same ticket for one fortress works until the end of the next day at the other fortress. The best way to plan this is to visit a fortress one afternoon, keep your receipt and visit the other fortress the next day. In our opinion, both in one day is too much to really enjoy what each has to offer.

Puerta de San Juan

This is the historic entrance to the walled city used by officials sailing in from Europe. Historically, the official would enter the gate and walk the uphill street to the cathedral to thank God for a safe journey. Currently, you can access a beautiful walking path by exiting the gate. The walking path goes along the water all the way past El Morro. Don’t be fooled by the steps up to El Morro from the outside; you can’t re-enter the city through El Morro and have to walk back around to the historic gate, Puerta de San Juan. However, there is a dirt path that goes beyond El Morro if you are a hiker and want to enjoy the scenic view. This walking path is also a great place for spotting iguanas in their natural habitat.

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