We are foodies and absolutely love all the cuisine this city has to offer. Below are a few of our favorites. Para espanol, haz clic AQUI

Bien Papayas

Just around the corner, one block down the hill (SE) on the corner Calle Norzagaray (the street running beside San Cristobal and the ocean) and Calle Luna, this is a wonderful local café for fresh smoothies, fantastic espresso, and sandwiches.

La Carreta

Located at 279 Calle de la Luna (one street south and a 5 minute walk west), this is the place for coffee connoisseurs! While there, stay for a delicious brunch. We would list our favorite menu items, but we honestly haven’t found anything we don’t like there. Everything is delicious!


With a small patio right next to Plaza Colon (the one straight down the hill from here), this restaurant serves creative, slightly upscale Puerto Rican food and drinks with a hip ambiance. The red snapper is amazing, but be prepared for the entire fish on your plate and take care with bones!


Located at 200 Calle Sol, this is a perfect place to order a sampler of Puerto Rican food. They will adjust the size of the sampler match the number of guests dining. Since this is a great opportunity for tourists to try multiple things at once, it gets very busy when cruise ships are in the bay. If there is a recent cruise ship arrival, expect over an hour wait.

El Jibarito

This is a family-owned cafe with authentic Puerto Rican food. Lose the sampler, lower the wait time – still great food in a local environment! Located at 200 Calle Sol, just walk west a few minutes, and you will be there!

La O

Okay, I know you think pizza isn’t why you came to Old San Juan, but with an amazing pizza oven and upscale tapas style cuisine, this place is amazing! Add creative cocktails, local craft beers, and a decorative them honoring the saints and you have La O. Don’t skip this gem located at 312 Calle San Francisco!

Cerveceria del Callejon

If you’re a craft beer fan, be sure to visit this brewery located at 312 Calle San Francisco. They also serve Asian fusion cuisine to go along with it. The food is delicious, but the service on the food isn’t timed well and is on the pricey side for what it is. Either plan to be flexible on the food service or just stick with drinks.

La Madre

Located at 351 Calle de San Francisco, this restaurant is best know for it’s tacos. There tends to be a long wait, so get there early to put your name in and then walk around and enjoy the area while you wait. The drinks looked amazing as well, but we haven’t tried them yet.

Mi Gente Ugo Supermarket

Turn left out of the condo and take your first left down the hill. On the corner at Plaza Colon is a handy little grocery store with all the essentials and many of the extras.


Friends don’t let friends drink at Starbucks while in VSJ. I’m at Starbucks as often as everyone else in the States, but the espresso at local cafes here is just too good to drink anything else! (Sorry, Starbucks!)

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