The Condo

A Few Notes About The Condo

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The Building

You are staying in an early twentieth century edifice that is currently being restored. It may be a little rough around the edges, but the bones are good!

The front gate is usually unlocked during the day. Just reach in and pull the lever to unlatch. If you get to the building late at night and find it locked, please re-lock it after entry. (Same with the stairwell gate before the 4th floor!)

There may be some noise at night from people enjoying all that VSJ community has to offer.

Sometimes VSJ loses water or electricity for a few hours. Relax, slow down, and enjoy the experience! (There are also gallon jugs of water in the cupboard above the fridge and one under the bathroom sink.)

Condo K

You have been provided a code for the entrance door. Since contractors and maintenance workers have access to the code, a deadbolt is also available on the entrance door to ensure privacy and security when you are in the condo.

Both bedrooms have air conditioners. These air conditioners are not intended to cool beyond the bedrooms, and using them to try to cool the entire condo will cause electricity overload. There is no central air, but the front windows open out onto the ocean, providing a nice cool breeze throughout the rest of the condo. Simply unlock and open. The silver knobs at the base tighten to hold them open. When opening the double paned window, please carefully fold it all the way back behind itself and tighten the knob to prevent the wind from breaking it. (Please remember to loosen the knobs when you close the windows.)

Some information about the art on the walls:

  1. A local print of the famous Puerto Rican flag door (La Puerta de la Bandera) on Calle San Jose in VSJ.
  2. A painted sketch of 19th century VSJ by the owner of Puerto Rican Arts and Crafts on Calle de la Fortaleza.
  3. A watercolor looking at VSJ from the north. You can see our building near San Cristobal on the left, La Perla in the foreground, and El Morro on the right.
  4. In the back bedroom, a sword from Toledo, Spain.
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