Sabbath is Completion

Some people say that the number seven is the number of completion.  Today I am enjoying the feeling of being done.  It’s been a busy few weeks of preparations for Inspire Academy’s Giving Gala and our float in the BSU homecoming parade.  When I got home mid-day today after the parade, I realized that I was done my work and that there was nothing else that needed to be done right away.  What a great way to rest!

As a school leader, the work was never done.  There was always a to-do list longer than the time needed to get it done, and with every tasked ticked off, three more were added.  There were always people waiting to hear from me, people who needed something from me.  In education, we’re focused on continuous improvement.  After all, that is what the educational process is all about – constantly growing, changing, and developing new skills and insights.

I am keenly aware today that one of the gifts of this sabbath year is being able to enjoy the feeling of being finished.  I haven’t felt that in years, and it brings great satisfaction and relaxation.  Even though there are busy weeks, I get to the end, and they are done.  I’m not staring down the next busy week that’s about to take the wind out of me.

So, here’s to completion!  Whether it be marking the end of a season (school envisioned, opened, and in its second charter term – check!), the end of a few important events (giving gala, homecoming parade – check!), a benchmark in my kids’ education (met our academic goals by fall break – check!), it feels good to be done!

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