Calling Cannot Be Escaped

Whelp – I guess since they used my quote, I need to post something on here. There are many reasons I oppose the current jail proposal, three of which I outlined at this morning’s public hearing: expanding capacity for mass incarceration…by someone with a history of ethically questionable financial dealings…in a school! I was disappointedContinue reading “Calling Cannot Be Escaped”

Should a School Become a Jail?

When I first saw the article in the paper a few years ago, indicating that the idea of turning the former Wilson Middle School into a new jail, my heart sank.  As an education activist, the pipeline from public education to incarceration has always been a serious concern of mine, one that I have activelyContinue reading “Should a School Become a Jail?”

Request for Public Records Follow-Up

Many of you have asked about the response to my request for public records surrounding the incarceration expansion planned for the former Wilson Middle School.  Below is an email I sent today due to a lack of access to the requested public records.  I have received email responses prior to this email, but no accessContinue reading “Request for Public Records Follow-Up”