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What you can do tomorrow to interrupt racial injustice!

Many of you are wondering what you can do to support racial equality in this moment, and I have just the thing for you!  Tomorrow is voting day in Delaware County, and not only do you have the opportunity to vote, you have the… Continue Reading “What you can do tomorrow to interrupt racial injustice!”

Raise Your Voice!

There’s one more vote tomorrow by our County Council to approve or deny our County Commissioners’ funding request for the proposed incarceration expansion.  While it feels like a losing battle right now, below is what I wrote to our County Council as one last… Continue Reading “Raise Your Voice!”

Calling Cannot Be Escaped

Whelp – I guess since they used my quote, I need to post something on here. There are many reasons I oppose the current jail proposal, three of which I outlined at this morning’s public hearing: expanding capacity for mass incarceration…by someone with a… Continue Reading “Calling Cannot Be Escaped”

Should a School Become a Jail?

When I first saw the article in the paper a few years ago, indicating that the idea of turning the former Wilson Middle School into a new jail, my heart sank.  As an education activist, the pipeline from public education to incarceration has always… Continue Reading “Should a School Become a Jail?”

Request for Public Records Follow-Up

Many of you have asked about the response to my request for public records surrounding the incarceration expansion planned for the former Wilson Middle School.  Below is an email I sent today due to a lack of access to the requested public records.  I… Continue Reading “Request for Public Records Follow-Up”

Requesting Public Records

It is important to be more involved in societal change than just posting our thoughts on social media.  Shaping thoughts through social media is a good place to start, but it is not enough.  When contacting public officials and leaders, it is important to… Continue Reading “Requesting Public Records”

Please Stop Adding Cages!

While it sounds like the County Council does not have the power to overturn today’s decision, I still feel it is important to raise our voices and let our elected officials know that we disagree with this decision.  Below is the letter I sent… Continue Reading “Please Stop Adding Cages!”